This is my 25×100 house. This name is chosen because the property will be 25′ wide by 100′. The house itself is smaller to account for windows, and the back yard. This house is different from the other options as the other options are intended for a half lot property. With this property, the back of the property will have access to it from the rear. As with all of the other houses, this one will have the same features in infrastructure, and capabilities.

The house will be 15′ wide × 62′ length with a height of 2 stories + 1 basement level. There will be a single car garage which will work well enough for my needs. There will be outdoor space in the rear. The house will be a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, and 1 lavatory. As with all houses, there will be no dedicated telephone line in the house. Instead, there will be VOIP or Internet phone if there was a need for a landline phone. As with all houses, the roof will have the elevator room, antenna, and solar panels.