The basement will be mostly out of sight, and out of mind. However, this floor will be important for the house. One good thing about the basement is the consistent temperature which will make the rooms within the basement better off.

Home Office

The home office will consist of a desk for the computer, and a 2 printers. One printer will be used exclusively for paper (such as letters). The other printer will be exclusively used for printing on envelopes. My hope will be that both printers will be laser as they are so much more economical than an inkjet printer. The desk with the computer will host my desktop PC, and have my login resources in that computer. Needless to say, the printer is locked when not in use. There will also be another desk in the case someone would need to use a notebook PC while here.


The lavatory will have a toilet, and a sink. There is not much else to say about this room. Obviously, this is intended to reduce the need to go to another floor if I had to relieve myself.


All of the utilities will be located in the basement. This will include city water/sewage. There will be a whole house filter, and a tankless hot water system. There will be an electrical panel that can support not only the main house, but also handle for charging an electric vehicle. There will also be a network closet where all of the ethernet lines will run to. There will be multiple servers, and the connection(s) to the Internet. There will be POTS telephone resources. If there was a need for a landline telephone, then I will opt for SIP/VOIP.