Floor 1

The first floor will possess all of the common spaces, and a 1 car garage. This will be the space that the family would be during much of the day when the children are not at school. With that in mind, the bedrooms are a little more busy.


As the name suggests, this room will be where everyone would sit and eat. I would assume a family of 4 (myself, a significant other, and 2 children). The table will be sufficient in size for this number + a couple or more people. The extra seating will be for any possible guests. The table will be large enough for the food to sit in the center of the table.


There will be a single car garage which will be able to support a plug-in electric vehicle. If possible, the automobile will park in the garage backwards. There is not much else to say about the garage, however the foundation of the connected garage will be a slab foundation with a basement beneath the remainder of the house.

Great Room

The great room will function as a living room, and a family room. There will be a fireplace, and the 85″ OLED TV will affix to the wall above the fireplace. There will be a sleeper sofa, and 2 loveseats with a coffee table. There will also be 4 end tables, and a printer table in the far corner. The printer table will host a laser printer that will support sheets of paper. This will allow any children to print out any school-work that maybe needed. This printer will connect directly to the home network.


The hallway will run from the front door and along the length of the garage. On the wall adjacent to the garage, there will be pictures which will hang on the wall. On the other side will be windows to let in light. However, these windows will have UV blocking qualities to protect the picture. Once you exit the hall, the lavatory is on the left. Going further down, you would get to the elevator, and stairs. Beyond that would be the kitchen, dining, and great room.


The kitchen will be as you would expect. It will have a refrigerator, stove, double tub sink, dishwasher, and there will be an island to help with cooking, and cleaning. There will also be a pantry for dry goods. Since there is a dining room, there is no need for a large kitchen.


The lavatory is as one would expect. There will be a toilet, and a sink. The lavatory will take minimal space, and with it being on the first floor, both guests and family will be able to access it without needing to go to the second floor to use the bathroom.

Outdoor Space

In the back of the house will provide for outdoor space. This space will be mostly a yard, but there will be a concrete walkthrough for both sides of the house. Also, on each side of the house, there will be a 7.5′ wide corridor. This will be enough space to allow for windows on the side of the house.